Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til foråret 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne i 2020 og foråret 2021. Alle rejsegallerier kan ses her nedenfor.

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  • Round the World in 100 days - Nauru, Kiribati and Solomon Islands

The second leg of the Pacific part went from Marshall Islands in the north to Nauru, Kiribati and Solomon Islands. Nauru has a reputation as the Australian refugee island but this is some time ago and now refugees are integrated and live in container houses very much like our hotel! The island also has some interesting remains from WW2. It is among the smallest nations in the world and when you arrive you can actually see the whole country from the air! Next was Kiribati and the island of Tarawa. There is a lot of WW2 remains and too pay of the damage the Japanese have built a very nice road along the island, actually the only road. So we took a roadtrip and drove ALL roads on Tarawa. That brought us past white beaches, old canons and small, traditional villages with happy children. You could even drive across the airport through a whole in the fence. This IS the road. The seafood was very fresh and we ate at the same place all the time, actually more or less the only one. Here we also met a WHO representative who for the first time told us about the Corona virus. Well, the rest is history. We then moved on to Solomon with even more WW2 memorials, including the famed Bloody Ridge and Red Beach. We stayed in capital of Honiara and toured the island and the remains of WW2 on horrible muddy roads. The country is very expensive and quite interesting. Well worth to spend some time.

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