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Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til og med sommeren 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne til og med sommeren 2021. Desuden er de nyeste rejser til Oman, Syrien og Libanon også med.

Antarctica is probably my favourite continent. It is wilder and more remote than anything else. It is the coldest and the highest continent, measured in altitude. But you get addicted to the great white. The pictures below are from my third visit, taking place over new Year 2023 / 2024. For Mette, this was the first visit, for me it was the second visit including landings. We ventured from Ushuaia aboard the good ship Seabourn Pursuit. Due to favourable weather conditions in the Drake passage, notoriously the roughest waters in the world, we landed in Antarctica one day early and got a total of 6 days with landings and Zodiac tours. Even though I had visited the continent twice before, I saw almost entirely new places. The first day we landed on Half Moon island with a giant colony of chinstrap penguins. On the last day of 2023 we cruised around Devil Island, next to James Ross island, and saw spectacular ice formations and abundant wildlife. After a splendid New Year's dinner and party, early on the first day of 2024 we landed at Brown Bluff. The sky was blue, the sea like a mirror, and we walked among thousands of gentoo penguins, many of them nesting. The scenery was astonishing, and it is hard to imagine a better start of the new year. Later that day we sailed around and Hope Bay, overlooking an Argentinian base and a leopard seal resting on an ice flake with penguins running merrily around the predator. On the 4th day we sailed among spectacular rock and ice formations at Spert Island, before continuing to Mikkelsen Harbour with more gentoo penguins and whales blowing at a distance in the sound beneath us. Next day we landed at Neko Harbour, walking among more penguin colonies and overlooking a spectacular glacier wall. In the afternoon at Paradise Harbour we saw numerous humpback whales swimming and blowing in the relatively shallow and protected waters. The last day brought us to Pleneau Island and Port Charcot, popularly called the Iceberg Graveyard. It was not hard to tell why with the most fabulous ice formations. The weather lived up to all expectations about Antarctica with the wind and snow howling around us. It was now time to return through the Drake Passage. Another smooth trip including the famous Seaborn caviar event in the good company with our fellow sailors, before passing by Tierre del Fuego and arriving back in Ushuaia, southernmost city in the world.

Oman had been on my bucket list for long. In January 2023 I went there with a colleague and three female friends from the Travellers Club Denmark. We had a spectacular trip, starting in Muscat visiting souqs, fish market and the Sultan's Palace. The mood was mellow in the sunset with the calls of the minarets and the cries of the birds. From Muscat we made it on a Road trip to anicent UNESCO sites of Bat and Al Ayn with beehive graves. Through a spectacular and dangerous mountain road we made it to Jebel Shams, stayed in beduin tents and walked the Balcony Walk along this Omani Grand Canyon. truly magnificent. We visited traditional mud house villages of Misfat and Al Hamra and the ancient fort in Bahla. We stayed two nights in Nizwa, visiting famous water channels, abandoned villages and the quaint Green Mountains. Next we made it to the true desert in Wahiba sands, stayed in a beduin camp and bashed the dunes in a huge 4WD. The desert was truly amazing, sitting under the stars along a fire, probably the most archetypical human experience. The next day we made it to beautiful oasis village of Wadi Bani Khalid and swam the cold, blue waters. Finally,, we made it to the coast in Sur, stayed in a chalet at the beach and visited UNESCO site of Qalhat and oasis valley of Wadi Shab.

As a part of our trip to Syria we finally made it to Lebanon, high on the bucket list for many years. Despite the huge economical and political crisis, symbollised with the horrible explosions at the Beirut Harbour, the country is also a beautiful melting pot of cultures, people and food. We started and ended in Beirut in a hotel with a view to the Mediterranean OCean and the American University. After the trip to Syria we made it directly to the Becca Valley, once a centre of fightings in the civic war and today controlled by Hezbollah. Our target was the Roman ruins at Baalbek, admitted the most impressive we have seen. The city itself has not much to offer, but the fertile valley and not at least the ruins themselves is well worth a visit. Especially the Temple of Jupiter is incredibly well preserved, despite the ever present turmoil in the area. Back in Beirut we saw the corniche, the harbour and the interesting city with remnants from many historical eras. Roman ruins, mosques, churches, modern buildings and a wild restaurant and bar scene. It is sad that so many has left Lebanon, leaving many shops and houses empty, for the city is charming and at the crossroads of cultures. We also managed to catch some of the World Cup football action at several bars, enjoying along with the locals.

In 2022 we finally went to Syria. This beautiful and interesting land has been through so much agony and devastation but is slowly coming back to life. Of course some outer areas are still no-go while Western Syria is relatively safe. Thanks to our amazing fixers, Ghaidaa and Ophelia, we were picked up in Beirut and brought to Damascus by taxi. Here we saw a beautiful and interesting city, among the oldest in the World. It is incredible to imagine that there have been people in these streets 4000 years ago! The grand mosque is probably the most beautiful mosque, I have seen with impressive architecture and spectacular mosaics. Walking the narrow streets, having street food kebab and peaking into millennia old churches was just amazing. the same were the souq, the spice markets and the cafés where we smoked shisha along with local families. From Damascus we went north to age-old monasteries of St Thecla and St Bacchus where the nuns were kidnapped by ISIS but now luckily have returned to their beautiful homes. In the city of Maloula, Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken and we witnessed a prayer held in this age-old language. The main spot in this part of the country, however, is magnificent crusader castle Crac de Chevalier, just monumental. It gives an intense feel for the history walking the vaults and corridors of the enormous complex of stone and memories. We stayed two night in Homs, devastated by the war, and walked the ruins, where life is slowly coming back with returning refugees opening shops selling vegetables, meat and doors and windows for which there is much need. Heart warming and comforting. Everywhere, people were friendly and welcomed us. We also strove far East to Roman ruins of Palymyra, UNESCO World Heritage and just spectacular, despite the brutal destruction imposed by the vandals from ISIS. We saw a local parade with children singing and playing in a militaristic manner. Out here, devastation is massive. The vandals even bombed mosques! The trip in the desert were interrupted by many checkpoints but we met nothing but kindness. Back in Damascus we bade farewell to our great guide Ophelia and headed back to Lebanon.

This was a summer trip to Bayern with good friends Matthias and Søren. Bayern is rich on culture, nature and herzliches beer!

After Galapagos we visited Colombia, another wish for a long time. We concentrated on hilly city of Medellin, once dangerous but now reviving, including the (in)famous Comuna 13, once the habitat of drug kin Escobar but today a peaceful place with friendly people. The views were amazing. We also cycled the city with a local guide, a great experience. Later we went up tp Cartagenas, a lovely old city right at the corner of the country adjacent to the Caribbean Sea. A wonderful city with friendly people, lovely food and drinks and a lot to see and do. Colombia is a "must return to"-country.

Galapagos was another travel dream coming true. In December 2021 I went with good friend Mikkel, through Guayaquil in Ecuador out to the famed islands. We spent six days aboard MS Aida Maria, covering a large amount of the islands, including Santiago, Isabella, Rabida, Fernandina, North Seymour and Baltra. The animal life was amazing right from entering the airport. We came very close to the animals. Some of the greatest spectacles were in the water, including tons of sea turtles, an old love of mine. Absolutely spectacular.

Finally, after all these years I made it to Egypt. This has been a travel dream for me since I was five years old, probably my very oldest travel dream. On my way home from Saudi Arabia I finally made it. Arriving in Cairo airport, my private guide Mahmoud greeted me. We had a busy schedule, where he first took me to some of the lesser known pyramids South of Giza. That meant that one hour after I arrived in Egypt, I was crawling my way into my very own pyramid, where I was the only visitor. I felt very much like Indiana Jones making my way into the central chamber, reading hieroglyphs and interpreting cartouches with images of ancient kings. I could see the dust at the bottom of the coffins and I could feel the mood of thousands of years’ history. From there we went to we went to Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt with fascinating lying statues of kings. Finally, it was time to visit the most famous tourist spot in the world, the great pyramids of Giza. Arriving quite late we beat most of the tourist crowds and were able to have marvelous view of the pyramids and taking a lot of pictures. We also went to some of the fascinating surrounding temples, and ended up admiring the great Sphinx at sunset, and we hit the feeling of being in the middle of world history. Later that night, I had a spectacular view of the pyramids being part of a light show with narratives of ancient Egypt while sipping a cold Egyptian beer. The next morning, after a lovely breakfast with pyramid view, Abdul took me to the world-famous Egyptian Museum where we dived into the ancient treasures of this great empire. Being a very skilled egyptologist, Mahmoud took me to some of the rarer places explaining a lot about Egyptian history. For some reason, he had got the impression, I was a professor of history, so his talk on the old Pharaohs started right at a very advanced level and I strived to follow him, but I got a spectacular insight into the ancient dynasties of Egypt. I was probably among the last visitors of the classic Egyptian museum built in the 19th century, as the whole thing is moved to a location very near to the pyramids. I truly enjoyed my first visit in Egypt but only regretted that I had so little time. I have to come back.

One of the first journeys after the pandemic lockdowns was Saudi Arabia. Luckily enough the country had just opened for E-visas and thus made travelling there much easier. I went with Mette and her daughter, several of our American travel buddies and the Swedish globetrotter Bengt. We all met in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and saw the impressive city with a lot of skyscrapers. We made it to the infamous “Chop Chop Square where public executions and punishments are taking place. We also saw the old fort that has played an important role in the history of Saudi Arabia and houses a great National Museum. From there they had wonderful local lunch at a family restaurant before heading on to see some of the surroundings of Riyadh, including the hotel Ritz that served as a prison for some of the royal family that had made too big crimes to ignore. What a luxurious prison! In the evening we went to the famous Skybridge with splendid views of Riyadh by night. The next day we saw the National Museum, an interesting place with a lot of Saudi Arabic history and a lot of proudness of the country being custodians for the holy places of Mecca and Medina. From there we made it to the desert through massive amounts of sand before we reached what the Saudi Arabians call The World's End, a desert gorge with a downfall of several 100 meters. The landscape was spectacular and we took great pictures, enjoyed the scenery and ended up with coffee and biscuits under the desert moonlight. We also ventured into a small cave and ended up in Riyadh with dinner at our rooftop. Some of the others went on to Jeddah whereas I prioritized to finally visit Egypt, but that is another story.

Finally! In the spring 2021 even Spain lifted Covid restrictions so I could vist my very dear friend, Cathrine in Malaga. I spent lovely days with her and her friend, gorging on tapas and local wines. I also made it to beautiful mountain villages of Competa and Frigiliana, visited spectacular Alhambra and Granada and enjoyed the surprisingly nice old town of Malaga. What a lovely retreat after lockdowns and restrictions.

First post-pandemic trip outside Europe. Rwanda and Uganda were open and proved to be a nice combination. We started in Rwanda, known for the horrible genocide in the 1990s. We stayed at the famous Hotel Rwanda, MIlles Collines and re-watched the movie while we awaited a negative test. Later we saw the Genocide Museum and toured the green capital of Kigali, including art galleries and the churches where innocent were killed. A hard but also uplifting experience as this country is moving forward. Then we moved to Uganda where Meddie Mwumbo was a fabulous driver and guide. From Kampala at Lake Victoria we crossed the green country and stayed at Queen Elisabeth NP where we saw hippoes, buffalos, lions and even leopards. From there we moved to the south west and the girls went gorilla hunting while I enjoyed the local coffee. The trip back fully demonstrated the greenness of Uganda and the kindness of its people.

2020 was a strange travel year. We returned from our Round the World Trip and the whole world closed down. In the fall we managed to go to Italy, the almost only open country. That closed the week after. We felt like in the old fil "The Last Tourist in Europe". Or rather we were the first, because we had Venice, The St. Mark Square, the church and the canals almost to ourselves. That was the same even in Florence and Pisa but we enjoyed the sights without queues. The only problem were the damned compulsory face masks. We started with a revisit of my very first journey at Lago di Garda, then moved on to Venice, Ferrara, Montepulciano, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Chianti, Pisa and ended up in stunning Cinque Terre. Italy is just the best, even during a pandemic.

The very last part of the trip took us across the Pacific, via Hawaii, Honolulu and Pearl Harbour to Guyana and Surinam, exotic countries at the top of South America. In Hawaii we of course visited Pearl Harbour and toured the main island. After a long tour across the US and lot of troubles with Surinam Airlines (don't ever go with them) we landed in Guyana. The capital og Georgetown was a bit dodgy but we met Christopher who took very good are of us and even took us to visit his family. In Surinam we stayed with Henry and his lovely wife Sonja and we visited the capital of Paramaribo and some of the surrounding land. I guess we were a bit tired and full ox expressions after a long trip but had some good days nevertheless.

This was my second trip to Vanuatu and Mette's first. It was interesting to revisit 20 years after last time. We toured the main island of Efate with Ole from the Travellers Club and his Australian friend before heading to the wild island of Tanna with an active volcano and the famous John Frum cargo cult. Everything on this island is wild, we stayed in a hut 20 meters above the ground and slept to the tones of the rumbling volcano. we visited the volcano that was very active and were invited for lunch in the local village.

One of the highlights of the entire trip was a visit to Papua New Guinea, often perceived dangerous but also incredibly interesting with a variety in culture and tribes. We sailed from Australia and visited the mainland where we encountered a cultural festival with dancing and tribes dressed up. We also encountered the local chief and his wife. Further on we sailed to Trobriand Islands, famous in anthropology, and visited local villages and people. Finally we landed at Conflict Islands, actually very peaceful! We visited a turtle sanctuary and experienced quite good snorkelling as well. The images testify to the beauty of the country and the smiles of the people. Before continuing to Vanuatu we spent some time in Australia in fancy Brisbane which I know well. We ventured out to Australia Zoo, founded by Steve Irwin, and I also revisited Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We worked and enjoyed sunny Brisbane and all its life.

The second leg of the Pacific part went from Marshall Islands in the north to Nauru, Kiribati and Solomon Islands. Nauru has a reputation as the Australian refugee island but this is some time ago and now refugees are integrated and live in container houses very much like our hotel! The island also has some interesting remains from WW2. It is among the smallest nations in the world and when you arrive you can actually see the whole country from the air! Next was Kiribati and the island of Tarawa. There is a lot of WW2 remains and too pay of the damage the Japanese have built a very nice road along the island, actually the only road. So we took a roadtrip and drove ALL roads on Tarawa. That brought us past white beaches, old canons and small, traditional villages with happy children. You could even drive across the airport through a whole in the fence. This IS the road. The seafood was very fresh and we ate at the same place all the time, actually more or less the only one. Here we also met a WHO representative who for the first time told us about the Corona virus. Well, the rest is history. We then moved on to Solomon with even more WW2 memorials, including the famed Bloody Ridge and Red Beach. We stayed in capital of Honiara and toured the island and the remains of WW2 on horrible muddy roads. The country is very expensive and quite interesting. Well worth to spend some time.

A large part of the Round the World Trip took part in the Pacific where we both managed to complete our aim of visiting all independent nations in Oceania. The first part in the northern Pacific was formed with the United route from Taiwan through Palau, Guam, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, before heading south. Palau, although a dull country on the surface has probably the world's best underwater adventures. We were in and below the water most of the time, aboard small boats, taking in the most of the coral reefs, sharks, turtles and a fantastic inland lake with freshwater jellyfishes. Palau was worth all the money (and that was a lot). From here we continued through small atolls, looking like something from Donald Duck, to Micronesia and the island of Pohnpei. It prooved to be a nice surprise with lush rainforest, waterfalls and not at least the stunning stone age-like fortress of Nan Madol, described on my blog, where you could feel like Indiana Jones. As political scientists we also enjoyed to visit the parliament and all the government institutions of the small nation, comprising a federation of four islands. Next stop was Marshall Islands and Majuro Atoll with the capital. The nation is most known for US nuclear tests on Bikini. We visited Majuro, beautiful from above but not much happens here. We, however, met Norwegian Anne Johansen, making the start of a good friendship. And always interesting to visit these nations that just seem too small for independent existence but struggle against all odds.

The next part of the Round the World Trip was a revisit to wonderful South East Asia. From Bangladesh we flew to Malaysia and spent some time in Georgetown/Penang, a cultural crossroad with a mix of traditions and wonderful food. The city had developed a lot since my last visit but was still charming. We celebrated 50 years birthday for Claus Andersen from the Travellers Club along with good people from all over the world. This was also my first time to visit Cameron Highlands, a cool and beautiful mountain area that unfortunately has become too touristy and developed. It was nice, however, to see the tea plantations and the calm mountain villages. The next stop was Kuala Lumpur (KL) where Mette's kids joined us. It is still among the most charming cities with excellent food and a mix of traditional and modern. Bukit Bintang is a nice palette of seafood, drinks and partying and is just getting wilder and wilder. From KL we flew to Yogakarta in Indonesia to visit the famous temples of Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu), amazing and absolute cultural wonders of the world. We spent New Year at Bali in a nice villa with pool. Ubud itself is very touristy and despite calm spots it is just too much for its own good. I was not a fan. the children departed and Mette and I ended in Timor del Este, one of the newest nations of the world where we toured the small capital of Dili, visited beaches and government buildings. From there we headed out in the blue Pacific.

Second stop in Himalaya was Nepal. We had only four days so concentrated on the Kathmandu Valley with UNESCO WH temples , a sprawling city and view to the Himalayas. I definitely want to come back. Much more.

Probably the highlight om the entire trip. We had high expectations of Bhutan and everything was more amazing than imagined, This peaceful Himalayan country has some of the friendliest people along with majestic scenery, all enshrined in a calm, buddhist culture. They stick to traditions in clothes and buildings and seems to be very well balanced. It is a green country with more trees than anywhere else. In fact, trees have rights.

First part of our RTW trip took us to the Indian Ocean. First Comores that could be a paradise but contains the worst from Africa and the Middle East. Next to fabulous Reunion where we joined a cruise to Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar. Absolutely splendid and great variation. A nice start of the 100 days trip.

Mongolia was our last stop on the Transsiberian Railway. The capital of Ulaan Batar is grey and dull but hosts interesting museums and a giant Djengis Khan statue outside the city. The countryside is nicer though with yurt sleeping, falconry, archery, wild hiking and remote temples. An amazing country.

With the famous railway from Moscow through Bajkal to Mongolia.

This trip brought us to Uzbekistan, another favourite with magnificent old cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. Uz is entering the 21st century fast with high speed trains and a space program. Neighboring Kazakhstan already has a cosmodrome and a major city of Almaty that very much looks like a Central European city although surrounded by tall, white mountains.

In the spring of 2019 Mette and I went to Bilbao to see the famous Guggenheim Muesum and the spectacular Basque coast. A trip with a lot of culture and a lot of great food in this special part of Spain

Wonderful trip in the footsteps of Karen Blixen visiting her farm. Next we drove to Tanzania and caught up with driver Kimundu who took us to Tarangire NP before hitting the main target, Serengeti. The wildlife was amazing. We ended in Ngorogoro NP, just spectacular. On the way we stayed in fancy lodges and enjoyed the company of Kimundu.

On this trip I travelled the Caribbean from south to north. Starting at the island of Tobago, I flew up to wonderful Granada, my favourite in the region. The Capital is nice and safe but it became even better at remote Carricou. From here I sailed in a small boat to Union Island in the Grenadines, visiting islands along the way to capital of Saint Vincent. From here I flew to Dominica, still devastated by the hurricane the year before, but beautiful nevertheless. Especially my stay in the rainforest in the east was nice. From here I flew to Antigua and joined Mette and her daughter before we all flew to St. Kitts. The trip ended with Christmas in the Dominican Republic and a visit to chaotic Haiti.

After a conference in Montreal Mette and I drove down visiting my family in Mass. before heading up along the coast of Maine and the beautiful New England foliage.

Burma, AKA Myanmar, is another nice country in SEA, despite the frequent political turmoil. We started in mythical Mandalay with hill towns, temples and a good mood. Later we moved to fab Bagan with a Whole city of temples and among the most important cultural heritage in the world.

In the winter of 2017-18 Mette and I went to the beautiful South Pacific. This time we visited Samoa, where we spent Christmas and visited islands of Opolu and Savaii, Tonga where we concentrated on Tongatapu and finally Tuvalu, maybe the world's smallest country that might soon be a new Atlantis due to global warming.

In 2017-18 I spent six weeks in New Zealand which immediately became my favourite travel land. beautfiufl nature, wonderful people, good infrastructure, great mood and fabulous beer and wine. I started with two weeks in rented car on North Island soith of Auckland, then three weeks in a small lovely campervan on all the South Island and ended with another week in the extreme north.

Starting from Jo'burg Mette and I drove around in a 4WD with roof tent through Lesotho where no maps were corrrect asnd GPS did not work. That gave us long and slightly frightening detours through wild areas. from here we went to even stranger Omzambique with nice beaches and seafood, followed by great safaris in tiny Swaziland, now E'Swatini. W e ended in South Africa in a tiny part of Kruegers'.

Trip to the two rich and small desert states. Not the main tourist destinations but things to see and experience nevertheless.

2017 was my first visit to mainland China. I divided the trip between grey but impressive Capital Beijing, Xian with the famed terracotta warriors and lively and colourful Shanghai.

Since I was eight years old and read Olof Svedelid's "The Battle at the Ringwall" on Denmarks conquest of Gotland in 1361 I had wanted to go to Visby with its magnificent preserved ringwall and medieval city centre. It was as great as expected with walls, towers and churc ruins. And then it was charming too. I also made it north of Visby and to the centre of Gotland to Romakloster. Now I just want to go back to the yearly Medeltedsveckan, the Medieval Week.

With two cousins adopted from Sri Lanka I had always wanted to visit. It is indeed one of the best travel countries with beautiful nature and culture, good infrastructure and friendly people. On the way I took two days in the Maldives that could be nice but is too populated and religious for my taste. In Sri Lanka I took the train from Colombo to the highlands, visited town of Kandy and fort of Sigiraya, as well as other spots in the centre. From here I went to the mountains to Adam's Peak and towns like Ella and Tissa. I ended on the south coast with blue whale watching, nesting turtles and quaint town of Galle.

On this trip I went to Antarctica for the second time. As a bonus we also sailed through Chilean fiords and I visited Patagonia once more. I took the trip with three friends from The Travellers Club and we had a lovely cruise aboard M/S Zaandam. From Valparaiso we went through Chulean fiords, visited Chiloe and sailed all the way through the Magellan Strait. South of Cape Horn we crossed the Drake passage and sailed adlong the Antarctic Peninsula for five days, including revisit to beautiful Neumaier and Lemaire Channels and a trip to the northern tip. On the way home we visited Falkland Islands and Buenos Aires.

My oldest travel dream. As a kid I read all about the famed statues. amd finally, I managed to visit, om a dream trip that also involved crossing the Atlantic and going through Chilean fiords to Antarctica and back. Despite five days of crappy weatherm the statues were as magic and outstanding as expected. I went with Henrik Schumacher from The Travellers Club, in a small 4WD and we visited everything on the island. We agreed that this was outstanding.

My second Atlantic crossing! This time aboard M/S Costa Pacifica at a price too good to be true! from Barcelona we visited Casablanca, Tenerife and Recife, Macaio, Salvador de Bahia, Rio and Sao Paolo in Brazil, before I disembarked and headed for Easter Island.

Florida is legendary and magic. On this trip we started inKey West before moving 9n to the Everglades with fabulous bird ife. Along the less discovered West Coast we reached the Floridaa panhandle before turnjing to Savannah, GA for New Year. Back in Florida we visited St. Augustine, the peak moment Kennedy Space Center and Orlando before ending at Miami Beach.

On this trip we went through some of the Caribbean countries. Starting in Puerto Rico we sialed to US Virgin Island of St. Thomas before moving on to Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Martin/St. Marteen. On the second part of the trip we sailed to Turks & Caicos and Bahamas.

One of my life's best voyages. From Copenhagen to New York visiting Bergen, Faroe Islands, Reykjavik, Greenlandn, New Foundland and Nova Scotia long the route ending in NYC. It was my first visit to Greenland and I fell in love. The beauty of the North Atlantic is immense. We sailed aboard M/S eurodam and had a great trip, me Heidi and her parents.

The New Year trip 2013-14. We started in icy Istanbul with bazars, blue mosques and sailing the Bosporus. from here we flew to Tel Aviv, drove to Eilaat and went into Jordan. Petra was amazing and Wadi Rum was just like being cast in Lawrence of Arabia. We saw old crusader fort of Arraq before floating in the Dead Sea. Across the border to Israel we visited Bethlehem and Jerusalem before soaking beach life in Tel Aviv.

Second trip to Central America, again with Mikkel. This time we started in El Salvador before heading to beautiful and charming Nicaragua. Especially we liked Leon and Granada. Next stop was lovely rain forest-clad Costa Rica before ending in Panama at the Canal.

My 4oth birthday was held in San Marino. It was my final country in Europe to visit and my #75. Along the way we visited lovely cities of Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara (with Italy's oldest wine bar) and ended along Lago di Garda. Bella Italia!

Another trip to new England. This time we also went to Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada, after visiting my cousin in central Mass. Covered bridges, high summer and cities of Montreal and Quebec before the trip continued to New Foundland. But that's another story.

In May 2013 we went to the strange nation of Belarus, a close ally or Russia and somehow isolated in the international community. We visited capital Minsk in glorious spring weather with sun and street life. The architecture is monumental and Stalinistic but the parks green and pleasant. The food was surprisingly good, including bear steak with cranberries. A pleasant experience despite the country's political circumstances.

After a research stay at QUT in Brisbane I went up along the coast with good friends Mikkel and Karl. We started in Cairns. Daintree National Park was impressive but because of rain we had to make a huge outback detour across the peninsula to the Gulf of Carpentaria, 1000 km each way. Quintessential outback with absolutely nothing. Later we drove down from Cairns, snorkelled Great Barrier Reef, visited Whitsunday Islands and lazy coastal cities, ending in flamboyant Brisbane.

This was truly one of the grand tours, six weeks over Christmas and New Year. We started in strange Brunei, fabulously rich and strictly muslim. From there to Malaysian state of Sarawak with wonderful rainforest and animal life along RIver Kunakinabatangan, although palm plantation and deforestation unfortunately was very present. Next stop were Malaysian islands of Penang (always nice) and Lanhgkawim before we by boat ventured to Thailand to Koh Lanta and later Krabi for Christmas and New Year with family-in-law. Bangkok was next before a bus trip to and revisit in colourful Cambodia with the tragic history. Angkor IS the most fabulous historic place in the world. We sailed on the Memong River to Vietnam and ended up in bustling Saigon (HCM City).

Svalbard is my most Northern point to this data at 79 degrees (Pyramiden). It is remote, even by Norwegian standards, and almost as close to the North Pole as to the Norwegian mainland. From Longyearbyen we ventured out to old Russian mining towns of Pyramiden and Barentsburg, saw massive glaciers, had whisky with age old ice and enjoyed whale meat. We also drove dog sledge although with wheels as there was no snow in the midsummer. A brilliant experience. I want to go back in winter times and drive the snowmobile.

As a fan of everything medieval, Carcassonne is fantastic. Nicely located in southern France, the medieval city is well-preserved with ring walls, towers and old houses. There is a certain mood when crossing the bridge and entering this historic place. As a French city, the food is nice too. We also made a small trip to nearby Toulose but in general we just enjoyed the city with a base in an old monastery.

After a conference in Seattle I drove Oregon and Washington, a new area for me in the US. I started around Olympic peninsula with tall mountains and semi-rain forests, before a magnificent stroll along the spectacular Oregon coast. I visited giant trees in Redwood NP, extinct volcanoes including Crater Lake and more active volcanoes and hot spring around Mt. St. Helens. On the way I enjoyed probably the world's best craft beer scene before ending around Colombia River Gorge and paying a visit to Timberline Lodge, known from "The Shining". Speaking about horror, I also visited the vampire area known from Twilight.

India divides opinions. For some it is wonderful, for others horrible. The truth is that there is a lot of beauty but people everywhere. From Delhi we travelled in Rajahstan to Taj Mahal, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. Gorgeous forts and castles, old towns, temples and a tranquile camel safari in the desert of Bikaner with a local man and his son, THE highligth of the trip.

After many ski trips in the Alps I finally managed to drive around them. The starting point was Schwarzwald in Germany and panoramic highways, circling around Lake of Constantia (Bodensee), before reaching tiny Liechtenstein. We visited a friend in Alto Adige in Italy, saw Ötzi in Bolzano, before driving through picturesque Piemonte to fancy Monaco, another new country for us. Along the Grand Route des Alpes, one of Europe's most magnificent roads, we reached alpine towns like Briancon and Valloire (where I used to work), drove to Chamonix and Geneve where Heidi went home and Karl appeared. We took some day hikes along Route de Mont Blanc, including visits to Courmayeur, Zermatt and Matterhorn. Unfortunatey Switzerland was rainy so we had to bypass Jungfraujoch. Instead we ended with a couple of days in always wonderful Alsace before heading home.

As a part of the great Asia trip in 2010 I also revisited Thailand where I celebrated Christmas and New Year with Nikolaj and Pernille from the Travellers Club. We started in Chiang Mai before wwe took a road trip through Thailand to old capital of Sukhothai and mystic city of Kanchanaburi, including the bridge across the river Kwai. We did some island hopping, including New Year on Koh Pha Ngang with thousands of partying people.

Singapore is bustling, hot and humid. I visited on the Grand Asian Tour 2012, between Malaysia and the Philippines. I enjoyed Little India, an overpriced hotel, famous fish markets, striking architecture, huge malls, wonderful food and of course a Singapore Sling at Raffles.

As a part of the Grand Asia Tour in 2010 I also visited the Philippines for the first time. Most of the trip wass contrasted on the Visayas where we joined a backpacker cruise onboard the good ship Hans Chrisdtian Andersen. From Cebu we sailed among beautiful isles, visited small villages and experienced some of the best snorkelling ever. We were only 10 young Danes aboard the ship and the staff had a nice time with us, partying in the evening, havin beach parties with roast pig and singing the songs of our homelands. Ashore, the Philippineans prooved to be some of the nicest people on the planet.

First stop on the GRand Asia Tour of 2010 was Malaysia, my first visit. I started with a nice s tay in Kuala Lumpur (KL) with Biking Viking Claus Andersen- A city that is truly Asia with street food, markets and futuristic buildings. Later I visited state of Sarawak with Mikkel, where we travelled to Lalang deep in the rainforest and stayed with traditional people in their longhouse. We also trekked t othe border of Kalamantan with local Patricia Nagoy, experiencing Biduay and Iban culture and women with golden rings around feet and neck. The dengue mosquitoes made t´he hot and humid trek even harder but a great experience. We ended this part of the trip in Bako NP with howling monkees, nose monkeys and nepenthees, meat eating plants.

The trip of our lives. Probably. First time in Antarctica that became a passion, an obsession. This continent is like something else, like another planet. Immense, quiet and strikingly beautiful. We sailed on the good ship M/S Fram on an expedition cruise from Ushuaia, across the fames Drake Strait. On the way we visited South Shetland Island, Deception Island and Cuverville Island. We visited old English base of Port Lockroy, Neumaier Channel, my favourite place one Earth, Dramatic Lemaire Channel, Ukrainian Vernadsky Base on the continent itself, Peterman Island, WIlhelmina Bay and Paradise Harbour. We landed six times in small polar circle boats, we saw all kinds of penguins, skuas and other birds along with seals of all sorts. We spotted humpback whales, finnwhales and hunting orcas in great schools, teaching their offspring to fish. All toook place in a nice mood with a skilled captain Hansen and an amazing crew. On the way back hime we entered a gale force hurricane and only 50 of 200 showed up for Captain's dinner the last night. A truly memorable journey, the only problem is we all wanted go bo back. So far I have managed that once, in 2016.

This part of the great South America trip of 2010 was concentrated around mighty Iguazu Falls where we visited the falls from both the Argentinian and the Brazilian side, along with a detour to Paraguay visiting the impressive Iguazu Dam, buggest in the world. The area is bi-national, shared between Paraguay and Brazil and sports a small zoo. Ciudad del Este in Paraguay is a typical border city with bustlers and hustlers although Foz on The Brazil site is a typical laid back Brazilian city. Finally, we sailed to Uruguay and boring but peaceful Montevideo and nice and colourful Colonia. Steaks were big and juicey and people nice.

First time in Chile. I crossed from Bariloche, across the Andean mountains and past South America's highest mountain, Aconcaqua. Valdivia on the Chilean side was laid back but the action started in Oucon NP between volcanoes and hot springs. A trip up thorugh the thin country brought me to Capital of Santiago with great museums and surrounded by wineries. I especially recommend Don Bosco in Casablanca Valley. THis part if the trip ended in coastal, hilly Valparaiso next to the Pacific with colourful houses and great seafood.

The grand tour of South America started in Argentina that became an instant favourite. A combination of great nature, wonderful food, friendly people, good infrastructure, amazing wine and low prices makes an almost perfect travel country. And Argentina has incredible variation with wild and cold glaciers in the south and sub-tropical rainforests in the north. And with Iguazu they might have the biggest naturtal wonder on Earth. I started depp south in EL Calafate and saw the Perito Moreno Glacier and did wild hikes in El Chaltën. From here I took the magical Route 40 in the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin and saw dusty roads, deserted villages and the Andes to the left. In Bariloche I saw an almost Swizz city and toured the Lake Distrcit with great views and nice beers. Later I spent Christmas in Mendoza at an amazing hostel before heading to Iguazu, catching up with Mikkel. We spent New Year in Buenos Aires before heading for new Antarctic adventures. But that is another story.

This roadtrip on the Iberian peninsula took us to heartland Spain and our first visit to mainland Portugal. From Madrid we drove to Toledo, an old town with a lot of history before heading out among Don Quixote's mills. Old twons like Trujillo and Caceres were nice surprises before we entered the mountains and Portuguese towns of Malvao and Evora. Lisbon is just Europe's probably most beautiful capital, surrounded by the Atlantic and old town of Sintra. Farther north, we drove along the coast and ended up in picturesque Porto and a lot of port wine tasting. Back into Spain and Galicia, including Fin de Terra, the final point of the Camino and coastyal towns with the best seafood ever. Especially their knife mussels were out of this world, along with famed dish Pulpo Gallega, grilled octopus on a potato bed. Through Gijon we ended back with several pleasant days in Madrid.

The summer of 2009 brought good friend Katja and I to Ukraine and Moldova. Starting among the golden domes of Kyiev, we went to quintessential European city of Lviv, always a cultural crossroad. Next stop was medieval Khamenyts Podilsky before we ended in Odessa at the Black Sea among too many fat, ugly Russians. We then drove to Chisinau in Moldova, a poor but nicecity with great wine cellars and a nice mood. A bus trip took us back to the point of deaprture, Kyiev.

Another visit to my lovely family in Massachusetts and another road trip. This time I went south. After NHL game in Boston and tour of fancy Cape Cod, I drove down to NYC with Taylor Swift on repeat. My first visit to the Big Apple brought me to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty and all around Manhattan. From here I drove to DC and the centre of power, to Baltimore and Gettysburg and up through the Apalachians.

First visit to Japan. We started skiing in Happo One and the hills from the Olympics in Nagano in 1998. Later we came to Tokyo, this bustling metropol and went on to eery Kyoto. Shinkansen is fast and efficient and also took us to old capital of Nara, lively Osaka and Nagoya. We ate sushi three times a day and had a great but way too short visit.

This summer good friend Katja and I realized an old dream of driving around the Baltic Sea, all the way along the coast. From Denmark we drove through northern Germany, crossed a river on a small ferry and entered Poland that proved to be a great and pleasant surprise with old towns of Olszyn and Gdansk and the Wolfschanze, Hitler's famed headquarter in the East. We entered Lithuania on small roads and saw old Stalinistic statues in Druskiniai, revisited splendid capital of Vilniusand old capital of Kaunas before rejoining the coast at Klaipeda and ending up at Baltic Beach Party in Liepaja, Latvia. Of course Riga was a must. Later we visited old fortresses and castles on the way up to Estonia and gorgeous, magical capital of Estonia with its complete ring wall and towers. A ferry trip brought us to Helsinki and Vardø in Finland before crossing the Baltic Sea and arriving in Stockholm. In a hot Swedish summer we drove back to Copenhagen after visiting old Danish town of Lund.

First visit at my cousin Peter's and a lovely drive up New England through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine along quaint ways an covered bridges, small craft breweries and white wooden villages. In New Hampshire I drove the White Mountains and Mt Washington before heading Down East Maine through a green Arcadia NP, lobster shacks and lighthouses. I ended up in famous Salem, MA, watching witches and their hunters.

After a conference in Vancouver colleague Niels and I drove for three days in BC, visiting Whistler, Kamloops and other great places. The province was clad in foliage and we enjoyed the wild scenery along with the world city of Vancouver and its wonderful Asian food.

This trip was a really great idea. Katja and I decided over a bottle of wine and the result was great. Romania is a hidden gem and among the best and cheapest travel countries in Europe. Varied, cultural and culinaric. From boring capital of Bucharest we drove through Transylvania and beautfiful towns of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara before heading through mountaneous landscapes to Bukovina and the famed UNESCO painted monasteries. Next stop was a boat ride in the Danube delta. In Bulgaria we visited Varna, the beaches and old medieval town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Thjs was my first round trip in Central America. Friend Mikkel and I started in Cancun heading down to Belize and lazy Caye Caulker and Belize City. Next stop was FLores in Guatamala before visiting Tikal. Guatemala was very nice and we enjoyed Lago Atitlan, Chichicastenango and the highlands before heading to Honduras and Copan. Roatan was a pleasant island with great snorkellling before we headed back to Mexico and visited Chichen Itza.

This turned out to be the last trip with my mum and I am happy she came to visit southern England as she had always wanted. We started in Kent and Canterbury, driving along the coast to New Forest and Wiltshire before seeing Stonehenge and Bath and ending up in Oxford.

Laos is among the most peaceful countries in the world, totally dominated by buddhism . On this trip we visited the northern part with Luang Prabang and its wonderful temples. From here we went south to Vang Vieng, tubung and waterfalls. We ended the trip in capital of Vientiane with French architecture.

Cambodia is mos known for Pol Pot's horrible genocide in the 70's bu is also home to magnificent culture and friendly people. Angkor is probably number 1 cultural site in the world with hundreds of temples located between jungle and fields. We spent days here driving around in a tuk tuk. We felt compleely like Indiana Jones, exploring well known as well as distant -temples. The nearby town of Siam Reap is a laid back backpacker town. In capital of Phnom Penh we of course visited Killing Fields and S21, the horrible memorials of the genocides. Besides that we enjoyed nice food and met a people that are happy to have rejoined the world and is welcoming tourists with open arms.

My first trip to Thailand. After nice days in hectic Bangkok we flew to the islands to the south. At Ko Pha Ngang we joined the famous full moon party and enjoyed a chilled life before continuing to quieter Ko Tao and brilliant snorkelling. We also rode Thaiand by train, from the Lao border to Bangkok.

A nice week at Corfu, the garden of Greece, with my mum. Drove around the island in a rented car and saw cultural remains while enjoying great food.

This trip took us west of London. After a short visit to iconic Stonehenge we drove rto Quantock Hills and stayed in a nice hilly hostel. The next days took us to villages like Crowcombe and Porlock, driving along the coast and in small villages in Exmoor NP. We visited famous Jamaica Inn and drove a croner of Cornwall. We crossed Western England and ended up in Hound of Baskerville landscape of Dartmoor and the giant moors.

A small Easter trip to Holland. Alkmaar, Amsterdam , Utrecht, and Rotterdam/, including driving the great dam along the Norh Sea.

Believe it or not, Vietnam was my first visit to Asia. Hanoi was from the first moment hectic with permanent fumes and noises. And a merchant around very corner. Nice days in the parks, on the museums and at the restaurants. Fresh spring rolls, pho, roast pig. The Vietnamese kitchen is fantastic. Next stop was the picturesque Halong Bay, including visit to villages. By train I went to the DMZ, to cities of Hué and Hoi An, a really historic place. The last par of he trip brought me by train to he tribes in the north around Sapa.

Wales is a bit under-raed but well worth a visit. We basically drove along the coast, especially souh and west. We also visited NP of Brecon Beacons and the highlands, including a climb of Snowdon. In the norh we went to Caernavon before heading back to England./

My first ever visit to Spain. Barcelona is a top destination and the tourists know. On this first trip I saw all the major attractions, including the Rambla, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, the Barcelonetta and the old harbour. I also sisited Santa Maria del Mar, the gorgeous cathedral known from the book and among the most beautiful in Europe. And then I had tapa, tapas, tapas. I also managed to pay a visit to Andorra, the tiny little tax free state squeezed in between France and Spain.

The one and only ever trip with my father. We visited amily in Nebraska and drove aorund on the great plains, not the most charming part of the US. But long distances and quirky people. We covered Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.

Maybe the most beautiful place in the worlds, the small island on the ridge of a partly sunken volcano that might have fed the Atlantic legend when it exploded 2500 years ago. The small capital of Thira basically lies at the edge with its white houses. The romantic own of Oia is known for its blue churches and is a spectacular honeymoon destination. And then he volcanic island is fertile with fruit and wine growing. A pleasant experience and I wan to go back.

This was a trip around the main British isle. Up along the east coast through Beverley, Lincoln and the Yorkshires to Aberdeen John O Groats and Orkney Islands. Down along the west of Scotland to Ullapool, the Glens and down to the Lake District.

These peictures are from my two first trips to Scotland. The first set is from a trip in 2003 with colleagues after a conference in Edinburgh where we toured the highlands. This brought us to Loch Ness, Skye and Glencoe and a lot on the way. On the first trip in 1997 I went with friend Karl through Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Islay, Skye, Oban and a good deal of the West. I love Scotland as has returned since.

I love Prague which is among my favourite cities in the world. I visited first in 1990 when there was still a revolutionary mood in the streets. Later I have visited many times as I have had friends living there. For instance we have spent New Year in Prague five times. The rest of the country is beautiful too. Especially in the summer of 2003 we took a great our of he republic. The pictures are from the firs years, I will probably add more later.

You go to Belgium for beer. And a lot of other stuff. Including french fries and chocolate. And Mussels. the most unlikely country in the world is pleasant with French food and German sizing. Nice. And then the country is beautiful with old towns, the Ardennes and great nightlife. Belgium has a lot to offer. Images are from the first two trips, in the falls of 2003 and 2004.

My absolute favourite city, favourite place in the entire World. I went here first in 1990 and has been back more than 30 times. What can I say? Are you tired of London, you are tired of life. The old capital of Queen Victoria is a global cosmopolis and yet inherently English.7

Zakynthos. The turtle island. Greek idyl when it is best with interesting nature, Hawksbill turtles and a great Greek kitchen.

Amsterdam after conference in Maastricht, 2002.

On the way home from research stay in Minnesota I visited Iceland. Nice st7rolls around Reykjavik, including a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

A road trip along legendary Highway 1, including visit to my family in LA, Malibu, Beverley Hills, Pacifica and Yosemite and San Fran in the end.

During my stay in Minnesota friend Mikkel and I went north of Superior and saw wild bear along the roads, spectacular waterfalls and the nice city of Toronto.

In 2002 I spent half a year in Minnesota and enjoyed the beautiful nature around the Great Lakes, summer and winter. Most pics ae from a trip with my mum when the lakes wee still frozen, some are from the summer. This is my first album ever recorded with digital camera.

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