Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til foråret 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne i 2020 og foråret 2021. Alle rejsegallerier kan ses her nedenfor.

First stop on the GRand Asia Tour of 2010 was Malaysia, my first visit. I started with a nice s tay in Kuala Lumpur (KL) with Biking Viking Claus Andersen- A city that is truly Asia with street food, markets and futuristic buildings. Later I visited state of Sarawak with Mikkel, where we travelled to Lalang deep in the rainforest and stayed with traditional people in their longhouse. We also trekked t othe border of Kalamantan with local Patricia Nagoy, experiencing Biduay and Iban culture and women with golden rings around feet and neck. The dengue mosquitoes made t´he hot and humid trek even harder but a great experience. We ended this part of the trip in Bako NP with howling monkees, nose monkeys and nepenthees, meat eating plants.

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