Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til foråret 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne i 2020 og foråret 2021. Alle rejsegallerier kan ses her nedenfor.

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  • Italy 2020 - the last or first tourist in Europe

2020 was a strange travel year. We returned from our Round the World Trip and the whole world closed down. In the fall we managed to go to Italy, the almost only open country. That closed the week after. We felt like in the old fil "The Last Tourist in Europe". Or rather we were the first, because we had Venice, The St. Mark Square, the church and the canals almost to ourselves. That was the same even in Florence and Pisa but we enjoyed the sights without queues. The only problem were the damned compulsory face masks. We started with a revisit of my very first journey at Lago di Garda, then moved on to Venice, Ferrara, Montepulciano, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Chianti, Pisa and ended up in stunning Cinque Terre. Italy is just the best, even during a pandemic.

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