Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til foråret 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne i 2020 og foråret 2021. Alle rejsegallerier kan ses her nedenfor.

The trip of our lives. Probably. First time in Antarctica that became a passion, an obsession. This continent is like something else, like another planet. Immense, quiet and strikingly beautiful. We sailed on the good ship M/S Fram on an expedition cruise from Ushuaia, across the fames Drake Strait. On the way we visited South Shetland Island, Deception Island and Cuverville Island. We visited old English base of Port Lockroy, Neumaier Channel, my favourite place one Earth, Dramatic Lemaire Channel, Ukrainian Vernadsky Base on the continent itself, Peterman Island, WIlhelmina Bay and Paradise Harbour. We landed six times in small polar circle boats, we saw all kinds of penguins, skuas and other birds along with seals of all sorts. We spotted humpback whales, finnwhales and hunting orcas in great schools, teaching their offspring to fish. All toook place in a nice mood with a skilled captain Hansen and an amazing crew. On the way back hime we entered a gale force hurricane and only 50 of 200 showed up for Captain's dinner the last night. A truly memorable journey, the only problem is we all wanted go bo back. So far I have managed that once, in 2016.

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