Jakob Linaa Jensen

Jakob Linaa Jensen

Forsker. Forfatter. Foredragsholder. Globetrotter.

The globetrotter (ENG)

I am Jakob Linaa Jensen, Danish researcher, author and globetrotter. I have always loved travelling but started for real when I moved away from home. Over the years I have now visited 156 countries and 24 territories on all seven continents. I am among the 20 most travelled in Denmark (according to Travellers Club Denmark) and among the 400 most travelled worldwide, according to Nomadmania. Recently, I published my first travel book, Udspring i evigheden (in Danish), I write many travel articles and blog here and elsewhere, mainly in Danish. The present site is an attempt to publish more in English. For instance you will find galleries of most of my travels with descriptions in English.You can follow me here or on Instagram (@Danetrotter).
Happy reading and viewing and see you out there!





Bayern 2022




Saudi Arabia

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Visby 2016

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