Så er der opdateret med alle rejser frem til foråret 2021

Min hjemmeside har været under flytning et stykke tid, og det har blandt andet betydet, jeg var kommet bagud med at lægge billeder og rejseberetninger op. Men nu er der opdateret med hele jordomrejsen 2019-20 og rejserne i 2020 og foråret 2021. Alle rejsegallerier kan ses her nedenfor.

The grand tour of South America started in Argentina that became an instant favourite. A combination of great nature, wonderful food, friendly people, good infrastructure, amazing wine and low prices makes an almost perfect travel country. And Argentina has incredible variation with wild and cold glaciers in the south and sub-tropical rainforests in the north. And with Iguazu they might have the biggest naturtal wonder on Earth. I started depp south in EL Calafate and saw the Perito Moreno Glacier and did wild hikes in El Chaltën. From here I took the magical Route 40 in the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin and saw dusty roads, deserted villages and the Andes to the left. In Bariloche I saw an almost Swizz city and toured the Lake Distrcit with great views and nice beers. Later I spent Christmas in Mendoza at an amazing hostel before heading to Iguazu, catching up with Mikkel. We spent New Year in Buenos Aires before heading for new Antarctic adventures. But that is another story.

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