Jorden rundt på 100 dage 2019-20

Dette er det store billedgalleri for Mettes og min jordomrejse i 2019-20, der her for første gang fremstår samlet. Vi startede i Det Indiske Ocean, hvorefter vi via Indien begav os til Himalaya; Nepal og Bhutan. Via Bangladesh gik det til Malaysia og Indonesien. SÅ fulgte den store Stillehavstur, der bragte os til sjældent besøgte steder som Palau, Mikronesien, Marshalløerne, Nauru, Kiribati, Salomonøerne og Vanuatu. Via Australien var vi også i Papua Ny Guinea på øhop. Turen sluttede i Surinam og Guyana, via Hawaii.

A large part of the Round the World Trip took part in the Pacific where we both managed to complete our aim of visiting all independent nations in Oceania. The first part in the northern Pacific was formed with the United route from Taiwan through Palau, Guam, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, before heading south. Palau, although a dull country on the surface has probably the world's best underwater adventures. We were in and below the water most of the time, aboard small boats, taking in the most of the coral reefs, sharks, turtles and a fantastic inland lake with freshwater jellyfishes. Palau was worth all the money (and that was a lot). From here we continued through small atolls, looking like something from Donald Duck, to Micronesia and the island of Pohnpei. It prooved to be a nice surprise with lush rainforest, waterfalls and not at least the stunning stone age-like fortress of Nan Madol, described on my blog, where you could feel like Indiana Jones. As political scientists we also enjoyed to visit the parliament and all the government institutions of the small nation, comprising a federation of four islands. Next stop was Marshall Islands and Majuro Atoll with the capital. The nation is most known for US nuclear tests on Bikini. We visited Majuro, beautiful from above but not much happens here. We, however, met Norwegian Anne Johansen, making the start of a good friendship. And always interesting to visit these nations that just seem too small for independent existence but struggle against all odds.

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