Jorden rundt på 100 dage 2019-20

Dette er det store billedgalleri for Mettes og min jordomrejse i 2019-20, der her for første gang fremstår samlet. Vi startede i Det Indiske Ocean, hvorefter vi via Indien begav os til Himalaya; Nepal og Bhutan. Via Bangladesh gik det til Malaysia og Indonesien. SÅ fulgte den store Stillehavstur, der bragte os til sjældent besøgte steder som Palau, Mikronesien, Marshalløerne, Nauru, Kiribati, Salomonøerne og Vanuatu. Via Australien var vi også i Papua Ny Guinea på øhop. Turen sluttede i Surinam og Guyana, via Hawaii.

The next part of the Round the World Trip was a revisit to wonderful South East Asia. From Bangladesh we flew to Malaysia and spent some time in Georgetown/Penang, a cultural crossroad with a mix of traditions and wonderful food. The city had developed a lot since my last visit but was still charming. We celebrated 50 years birthday for Claus Andersen from the Travellers Club along with good people from all over the world. This was also my first time to visit Cameron Highlands, a cool and beautiful mountain area that unfortunately has become too touristy and developed. It was nice, however, to see the tea plantations and the calm mountain villages. The next stop was Kuala Lumpur (KL) where Mette's kids joined us. It is still among the most charming cities with excellent food and a mix of traditional and modern. Bukit Bintang is a nice palette of seafood, drinks and partying and is just getting wilder and wilder. From KL we flew to Yogakarta in Indonesia to visit the famous temples of Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu), amazing and absolute cultural wonders of the world. We spent New Year at Bali in a nice villa with pool. Ubud itself is very touristy and despite calm spots it is just too much for its own good. I was not a fan. the children departed and Mette and I ended in Timor del Este, one of the newest nations of the world where we toured the small capital of Dili, visited beaches and government buildings. From there we headed out in the blue Pacific.

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